Our pool in Felton, CA

Our pool in Felton, CA

The pool sessions:

There are a total of 5 Confined Water Dives that must be completed. Each with a list of skills that must be demonstrated to your instructor before going to the next dive, session, or skill. Don’t worry though, its simple to do with the help of your instructor.
You must have completed your Online eLearning, or Instructor led classroom work prior to the pool sessions.

This is a performance based certification so skills must be demonstrated to your instructors satisfaction before moving on. A good estimate is that each pool session takes from 1.5 - 2 hour.

Pool Session 1

In your first pool session, you learn to properly don and doff your gear, clear water from your mask, and about 10-15 other water skills. We will complete Confined Water Dives 1-3 during this session and it usually takes about 1.5-2 hours. We are not limited by time so we will take care to make sure you have mastered the skills for these dives.

Our pool is not heated, so we can have you training in the same gear you’ll be using in the ocean. This is a huge help, as there will be no surprises when we hit the beach.

Pool session 2

For your second pool session we pick up where we left off. We will go through pre-dive safety checks, don our gear and do a deep water entry. After completing Confined Water Dives 4 & 5 our instructor(s) will take you through a mock up of the ocean dives to prepare you for your check out dives in open water. We are not limited by time, so you will have as much time to as you need to clean up any skills, or simply have fun diving in the crystal clear pool.

Open Water Dive days are where you become a diver!

Open Water Dive days are where you become a diver!

Open Water dives 1 &2

This is what you’ve worked so hard for in the pool. Now its time to test your skills. Much like the pool there is a list of skills that must be demonstrated to your instructor in open water. Don’t worry, you’ve already practiced them in the pool. In most cases things are easier in the ocean anyway. Our first dive we keep it pretty simple so you can get acclimated to using your gear in open water and the added depth. We will go to a maximum of 40 for the first day while completing a majority of the required skills. There will be a surface interval of around 1.5 - 2 hours between the two dives.

Open water dives 3 & 4

This day is meant to be a “normal” dive day. There are a few skills that we will need to do, and if there is anything we didn’t get to on the first day we can do them here. While we will still be doing some skills, they are skills that you will use on almost every dive you do from now on.

After the last dive, we usually like to pack up and get some lunch together and finish up paperwork.